Throw an Oktoberfest Sukkah Party this Sukkot

Sukkot and Oktoberfest overlap this year! What a great opportunity to merge joyous festivals and make your backyard Sukkah also a beer garden.

Sukkah Decor

Get your Sukkah in the Sukkahfest spirit by hanging tons of blue, white, and yellow streamers from your tree-branched roof.

Large-scale Oktoberfest tents drape the streamers in large arcs, so you can mimic this look by weaving under and over batches of your branches. Party City also has a lot of Oktoberfest decor options, including these simple paper lanterns and banners that would compliment the streamers nicely.

Table Decor

Tie the blue, white, and yellow streamers into your table setting with blue linens, white plates and napkins, and yellow wheat or floral accents (plus the beer of course!).

Oktoberfest Themed Sukkah Table Setting | Crafts & Kugel| Crafts and Kugel

Besides drinking out of beer steins, you can also use them as vases for beautiful themed flower arrangements like this one!

Oktoberfest Themed Sukkah Table Setting | Crafts & Kugel

To Eat & Enjoy

Beer Marinated Sausage and Potato Skewers

There are lots of kosher sausage options available at your local kosher market; or there is always Hebrew National! 🙂

Sausage Potato Skewers For your Oktoberfest Sukkot | Crafts and Kugel

Oktoberfest Potato Pancakes

You don’t need to wait until December for some great latkes!

Potato Pancakes and Sausage for Sukkahfest, Oktoberfest in your Sukkah

Deep Fried Sauerkraut Balls

Deep fried sauerfraut balls for sukkahfest | Crafts and Kugel

Herbed Spaetzl

This recipe uses soymilk instead of buttermilk so you can keep it kosher style.

Herbed spaetzl for Oktoberfest Sukkot | Crafts and Kugel


Soft Pretzels and Beer of Course! Pair with Tasting Cards

It wouldn’t be a Sukkahfest without pretzels and beer. Everyone has their own preferences – appeal to all of your friends and family by having various options and then trying them all together (both for beer and pretzel dipping sauces!).  There are so many card options on Etsy, such as these pictured by by Partyof5Printables.

Candy Beers for the Underage and Non-drinkers

You don’t have to like beer to be in the Sukkahfest spirit. Fill some large glasses with yellow gummies and marshmallows for sugary treats that are still on point.

Candy Beer for Kids for Sukkahfest; Oktoberfest in the Sukkah | Crafts and Kugel


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