Fun Ideas for your Shark Week Viewing Party

Shark Week (30th anniversary) starts tonight and goes all week long! If watching Shark Week with your friends and family is a summer tradition or if you’re tuning in for the first time, hosting a themed viewing party is a great way to make it feel like a real festive occasion…and who doesn’t love another excuse to throw a party?

There are tons of shark-themed party elements out there – I’ve pulled my favorites together on the Crafts & Kugel Pinterest board: Shark Week. Check it out! Below are some highlights.

The Decor

Shark Week Party Balloon Decor | Crafts & Kugel

Fill your ceiling with balloons to give you that under-the-sea feeling.

Shark Week Party Decor | Crafts & Kugel

Ombre tassels create a beautiful and classy way to decorate walls, tables, and under your TV.

Shark Themed Plates for Shark Week Party | Crafts and Kugel

Shark plates are a must of course! There are tons of little kid themed ones out there, but I love this one because it is more sophisticated and will match in your decor coloring.

The Treats

Shark Week Party Desserts Cake and Cupcakes | Crafts & Kugel

Whether you are ordering a cake or making one yourself, I love how you can make the icing look like ocean waves and match your theme colors!

Shark Week Party Dessert | Crafts and Kugel

How cute are these!? Any fancy dessert can be shark week appropriate by adding little shark fins to the top. You print paper versions or have them be edible by using moon shaped cookie cutters on your favorite cookies.

The Swag

Themed Shirt for Shark Week | Crafts and Kugel

Don’t forget to dress the part! Discovery Channel has tons of branded swag, but Etsy has also catered to the inner sharks in all of us.

If you like these ideas, then check out the rest of them on my Pinterest board here 🙂


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