Essentials for Throwing a Birch Tree Themed Dinner Party for Tu B’Shevat

Birch Themed Tu B'shevat Dinner

Embrace all things trees with these essential items for your Tu B’shevat dinner party. Birch adds a minimalistic beauty to your table, and incorporating tree products like maple syrup, pine nuts, and tree fruit helps you appreciate all they offer us.

Decor for your table

Birch Log Centerpiece with Air Plants and Succulents


Source: Sand & Sisal

Moss Table Runner

Add to your outdoorsy decor inside with a green moss table runner.


Source: Michaels

(Winter) Birch Tree Cake

Stare at dessert all night with a beautiful statement cake as your table centerpiece!  Tu B’shevat lands in the winter in the States, so adding touches of snow and woodland creatures feel fitting to the season. Cakegirls offer a step by step tutorial on how to make one:

birch tree cake for tu bshevat

Source: Cakegirls

Potted Lavender Plants that Resemble Mini Trees

Okay so these aren’t birch themed, but they are so cute! The lavender scent can also help freshen up your home, and the still living potted plants honor nature more than cut flowers.

herb-potted-plants-centerpieces-for-tu-bshevatSource: Martha Stewart Wedding

Birch Tree Straws

Both beautiful and functional.

birch tree straws for tu bshevat

Source: The DIY Ligththouse

(Fake) Birch Tree Place Card Holders

Assign seats with flair and without actually using any wood.

faux-birch-log-card-holdersSource: CandyCake

Birch Tree Inspired Mugs

Serving tea, coffee, or hot cocoa? It is winter after all.


Source: GetCoffeeTips

The Menu – Starters

Birch Branches; AKA Chocolate Dipped Pretzels


Get the recipe: CutestBabyShower

Mediterranean Dip with Pine Nuts

Thank the pine trees for these tasty additions to your meal.


Get the recipe: LifeMenus

The Menu – Main

Maple Crusted Salmon

Thank the maple trees! Maple syrup isn’t only for pancakes. Pair your salmon with tree-shaped broccoli and some sweet potatoes for a complete dinner course.


Get the recipe: Foodie Crush

The Menu – Dessert

Your Birch Tree Centerpiece Cake is obvious…for the calorie counters, offer Maple Grilled Bananas

Quick, easy, and oh so delicious looking…bananas come from trees too…

Quick maple grilled bananas

Get the recipe: Nadialim

Enjoy! What else do you like serving for Tu B’shevat?

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