How to Save Your Wedding Cards with a Disc-Bound Album

I had my first wedding anniversary recently (!) and felt like it was time to organize or go through some of the things I still had piled up from that special day.

I saved all of the wedding cards that we received because 1) when else are you ever getting wedding cards, and 2) some of them had really special notes or lengthy letters from family and friends that I wanted to reread in the future.

The giant sagging pile of them on my hallway table wasn’t really the best place for them though.

So I took to the internet and stores to see what my options were. I knew I wanted something that was book-style so that I could flip through them when reading, and I wanted to save the cards themselves instead of scanning/photographing them all. I didn’t want any sticky or protective coverings that peel one day, or pockets where in order to read the cards I would have to take each one out and put back in every time.

Disc-binding your cards works great, as long as you are comfortable punching holes in them. There are tons of options for customization – you can mix and match the color of the discs themselves, select sizes based on how many cards you have, and choose covers from an array of planners.


Personally, I got my supplies from Staples because I liked that they sold discs that were a heavier metal. I wanted my album to feel timeless (or as timeless as possible), which for me meant trying to avoid anything too trendy. I went with silver discs and a plain, Tiffany-blue cover and back cover (that is normally made to be a planner, from Office by Martha Stewart).

  • I had to buy an expansion pack of larger rings because I had so many cards, but if you don’t need to, simply use the rings that come with your planner (unless you plan to swap colors).
  • When selecting a cover and back cover, make sure to bring the largest card you plan on saving with you to the store, or measure it before online ordering.  All of the planners I found came in various size options, so picking a size that covers your largest card means none of them will stick out or look messy.
  • Planner covers are also good choices because they tend to have pockets.
    • I used the inside front pocket of the cover to store the wedding card I received from the Obama Family at the White House – didn’t want to punch holes in that one!
    • I used the inside back cover pocket to store oddly shaped cards that didn’t quite work with the binding.

If you are interested in more of a trendy look and fun designs though, Michael’s has a lot of options; here are some of my favorite covers:

(Create 365 Planners: Blush Crush, Beach Vibes, and Modern Simple)

General assembly steps:

  1. If you are using expansion packs (to have a larger ring size or to change the color of the discs), attach those to the cover and back cover of your planner.
  2. Remove all of the excess paper or items that came with the planner.
  3. Go through all of your cards, selecting which ones you plan to save. If you have too many for one album, consider making multiple or only really saving the most important cards.
  4. Before punching them all, stack the cards in the binding and close the cover to make sure that they will all fit. If when closed, the cover is diagonally upward, you should remove some cards or the album might break down the line.Wedding Card Disc bound Album Book
  5. Punch each card one at a time to ensure you don’t accidentally remove a special note.
  6. Pop each card onto the disc binding, being careful not to tear any edges.
  7. For smaller cards that didn’t fit on all of the rings, I alternated placement (higher and lower) so that there wouldn’t be a chunk of spacing/air when the album is closed.

Wedding Card Book | Crafts & Kugel

And you’re done!

Enjoy the love of your family and friends and relive the memories!

Wedding Card Book | Crafts & Kugel

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