DIY Wine Cork Letters


I’ve been collecting the corks from my used wine bottles since my (now) husband and I first moved in together a couple of years ago. They’ve been in a gallon plastic bag in a drawer for what I feel was the longest time, and even made a cross-country move because I was too sentimental to get rid of them. Many of them hold special memories for me, as I’ve collected them from vacations, romantic trips, celebratory milestones, and average days that I probably took for granted.

I knew I wanted to do something crafty and fun with them, but I wasn’t sure what project I actually had enough for.  I didn’t want to supplement them by purchasing bags of corks like some people do, as I thought that just defeated the whole point.

So I decided to make a letter “B” as decor!  If you know me, you know why.  Now I can look at it everyday and remember all of those times without it looking like clutter.

DIY Wine Cork Letter B

I didn’t want to get too complicated, so I laid out the shape of the letter using a pair of two corks to define the lines. I also didn’t want to have the red side facing out, or have a mismatch of colors, so I made sure to keep the dry side up.

DIY Wine Cork Letters

Then I used a hot glue gun (that I got at Michael’s for $4; give it 5 minutes to heat up before using) to glue each pair together. I purposefully glued all of the pairs on their own before gluing them all together to create the letter – this way I figured that if I really messed up on one pair, I didn’t ruin the entire thing.

Note: Make sure to position the corks so that the brand names are facing out and will be visible once finished.

I had enough wine corks minus one, so I used a champagne cork instead. It is a larger size than the rest, so it makes the letter imperfect, but I don’t mind. If anyone in person notices on their own, I’ll just say it gives it character.

When you are finished gluing, give your letter some time to dry before moving it around too much. The entire process can be a bit time consuming, so plan to Netflix binge simultaneously.

Do it Yourself Wine Cork Letters


If you’re too lazy to make your own wine cork, Overstock sells a cool W-I-N-E wall mount to store your corks in.

Overstock Danya B Metal Wall Mount 'Wine' Letters Cork Holder

Image courtesy of


How do you re-purpose your wine corks?

Feel free to share your ideas in the comments!

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